Internet monitoring system to stalk social media users who question safety of vaccines

If you post articles to your Facebook wall that warn others about the dangers of vaccines, or Tweet links to the latest studies tying vaccines to autism through Twitter, the vaccine pushers of the world could soon know about it in real time. According to new reports, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-backed scientists in both the United States and Great Britain have jointly developed a computerized global monitoring system capable of tracking all social media activity around the world that defies mainstream vaccine dogma, and reporting it directly to authorities.

This brave new exercise in multinational, Big Brother spying is being hailed as a solution to the rapid spread of so-called “rumors” and “lies” about vaccines via the internet, which basically constitute any online free speech that questions the safety or effectiveness of vaccines. According to mainstream authorities, vaccines are completely safe and effective in every way, and anything that defies this unsubstantiated proclamation is now officially considered to be misinformation by the global police state.

 According to Heidi Larson from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in the U.K., and author of the new tracking system, free speech on the internet has “speeded up the global spread” of what she and others consider to be “unchecked rumors and misinformation about vaccines.” People thinking for themselves, in other words, and discussing legitimate vaccine safety concerns with others online is a threat to the establishment, thus the need for a virtual all-seeing eye, of sorts, to monitor all this chatter and report it directly to health officials.
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5 thoughts on “Internet monitoring system to stalk social media users who question safety of vaccines

  1. People thinking for themselves and in other words, exercising our inalienable GOD given rights of FREEDOM OF SPEECH by revealing the TRUTH and discussing legitimate vaccine safety concerns and all the other genocidal acts of war being perpetrated against humanity, in hopes of waking them up online is a threat to the establishment…Well of course it is. They don’t want the population to know they are being phased out in the NWO plan where the serpents rule and reign. I’m sure I’ve already been reported and I am standing by faith knowing I am recorded in the book of life for taking a stand in the valley of decision against these beasts. LION LIKE men who seek to devour the souls of men are known by their rotten fruit. They shall vanish away as if a night vision…Go ahead report me google the second death has no affect over me.

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